Wicked Weather Epiphany

Polar Vortex.1Over the past two days, my typical under-an-hour work commute, each way, has turned into a two-hour commute, both there and then back again.

I don’t mind the time, usually. I drive along the river and love watching the sunrise and sunset skies change, minute by minute. God’s Masterpieces! And music is often a comfort. If I’m not listening to something from my own collection, the music on the radio often becomes a serendipitous soundtrack for my life at that moment.

But not the past two days. This polar vortex has left me white-knuckled, tense, and irritable. And tonight, I was disappointed there would be no evening Mass, because I had been looking forward to going all day.

And then one of my favorite Elton John songs came on the radio, that I began to listen to in a completely new way. Next? James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)!” And as I was singing along, it became clear I was telling the Lord, how sweet it is! From that point on, each of the songs that followed added to what became an uplifting soundtrack to my evening commute, giving me a momentary respite of sorts from this longing. This yearning. This increasing spiritual hunger I feel that cannot be satiated!

When feelings strike, I tend to intellectualize and compartmentalize to keep emotions at bay. But this is one feeling state I just can’t seem to shake or satisfy. Or set aside.  The Holy Spirit and God’s grace are definitely at work here, and I am beginning to wonder.

Do you think my soul and spirit are once again beginning to dance!?!

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