Wicked Weather Epiphany.2

How’s the weather where you are? Is winter over yet?!?

I am mystified how clear roads and skies can give way to immediate whiteout blizzard conditions within minutes.

whitoutI was driving along, singing a song, feeling centered and secure. Then my drive became treacherous. Four inches of snow fell in about 10 minutes. With no traffic on the roads, there were no tire tracks to follow. I’m not familiar enough with the roads to know how they curve, so I was driving blind. The white-on-white roadways left nothing to guide my way.  [That’s my windshield wiper and view, to the right, at about 6:20 p.m.]

Now, I’m a country girl who’s been driving in the dark for decades. But I turned off the radio and began calmly praying out loud, “LORD, GOD, PLEASE KEEP ME SAFE!”

I was never so happy to walk into the Lial Renewal Center when I finally got there. Our book discussion had just been cancelled, but a surprised Sr. Dean insisted I stay the night. I am so very grateful she was there to Open the Door and give me a room at the inn. And what a blessing to wake up the next morning in a room with this beautiful view!

room at the inn2

Oh yes. My Wicked Weather Epiphany.2? It’s time to get his blessing.

I’ve been carrying around three St. Christopher medals for Father Herb to bless for my two kids and myself. I keep switching them from coat to coat, because I’ve been too embarrassed to ask him. Do people still ask priests to bless things anymore?!?

st. christopher medalI will never forget my Grandpa Mickey meeting me in the driveway as I packed up my car to head back to college after a weekend visit with my grandparents. He handed me a St. Christopher medal he had had his priest bless for me. I hung it in my car and wish I still had it. But I never saw it again after a major head-on auto accident I was in more than 30 years ago.

So, the next time I see him, I’m hoping Father Herb won’t mind blessing                           the St. Christopher medals I’ve been carrying around since before Christmas.

Never hurts to have the blessings of a living saint and another who’s the patron saint of travelers, protecting us on our journey and reminding us we never travel alone.

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