Reach Out, Touch Someone

Every day, I see God’s hands at work, and witness how important and healing touch is in our lives. A loving gaze. A warm embrace. Two or more hands clasped in prayer.

Hands clasped in prayer

“Touch speaks the wordless words of love,” writes Henri Nouwen. “In friendship, touch often gives more life than words.”

Nouwen’s meditation on “The Healing Touch” is a bookend for Fr. Herb Weber’s most recent Mid-Week Meditation, “Scars.”

Father Herb is right. We don’t get through life without some scars. And they shouldn’t prevent us from moving ahead with our lives.

But what we see are visible reminders of cuts that have healed on the surface. What remain hidden are the layers of cuts beneath. Scar tissue forms there too, restricting our freedom of movement and often causing pain.

When we feel the scar tissue beneath the surface, and work to release the resulting restrictions, we are freed of what was previously hidden to us.

Let us remember God’s incarnate unconditional love, sent to us through his beloved Son and the Holy Spirit to the people he places in our midst, touches us here and now, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, enabling our healing.

These angels on earth touch our deepest, hidden scars, to help release us from those restrictions, so we may move more freely and ever closer to experiencing the joy of being “God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved….” Colossians 3:12

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