I’ve been a new media student and explorer since before the World Wide Web had a GUI interface. [I know I’m dating myself, but I’ve lived many past lives.] So, I’m very comfortable with most forms of social media.

A good portion of my life was engaged in theatre, debate and public speaking, but I truly enjoy intensely soulful, 1:1 F2F conversations.

Sharing the written word, on the other hand, for me, is painful, since I am wont to edit and revise, edit and revise into perpetuity, carefully trying to craft the precise turn of phrase to best describe the insights of the day. So, writing a blog, for me, is like jumping off a 50-foot cliff and not knowing how to swim.

I’ve recently found a spiritual mentor who struggled with his writing in much the same way. It’s comforting to know a writer as profound and prolific as Henri Nouwen found the journey to be so worthwhile.

[Bear with me as I get over my fear of heights and keep searching for my voice.]

Join me in a glass of wine?



Na zdravíe!

Les Bénédictions!


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